Welcome to the Heiss blog!

This is the start page of this blog about technical topics. The blog is powered by antora and asciidoctor.

About me

I am a software developer and architect with a focus on Python, Machine Learning and DevOps. In my spare time, I am learning NixOS, Rust and functional programming with haskell. I studied computer science, mathematics and education at the University of Münster, Germany.

After my study, I worked 3 years for the sciebo-rds project from 2019-2022. There I was the only software developer, who works on the software, so I needed to learn a lot about DevOps and how to manage a software project to handle the workload. In 2022, I joined happily the University Library of Münster as a manager for the software department.

So, I have a broad experience in software development, DevOps, project management and teaching. This broad experience is reflected in the topics of this blog. Also, I am interested in the research of the intersection between technology, society and new work.

Small addition: I am not a native English speaker, so please excuse my mistakes.

About this blog

This is a place to share my knowledge and experience with others. Also, I want to share my thoughts and ideas and discuss them with others. So, I want to invite you to give feedback. But before, please read the How to use this blog page.


You can contact me via email: peter.heiss@uni-muenster.de